Contestants No. 5 //
Laura Watson & Kevin Kujawa

Laura says "We met at Hi-fi Records in 2005…I had just moved from Mississippi into a studio across the street from the record store. I asked him on our first date, to see a Beck show. In 2008, I moved to L.A. to chase sunshine and a mellow West Coast lifestyle. A few months later, Mannequin Men (Kev's band) were on tour and played L.A. on my birthday. Nine months of long distance and Kev had a one-way ticket from Chicago to LA. We drove across the country from L.A. to our new home together in Chicago. Many moons later, we find ourselves engaged on August 5th, 2012."

***I usually don't enter contests but I couldn't resist this one! I entered Glossed & Found's OH-SO-LOVELY ENGAGEMENT PHOTO GIVEAWAY. Basically, the photo that gets the most "like's" gets an all expense paid engagement photoshoot by G&F. Pretty rad! Please click the below link and "like" our photo in the Glossed & Found album. XOXOX