Madewell Leather Transport Tote

I just received the Madewell leather transport tote and it's even better than the photo. I've been searching for the perfect work bag for quite awhile and I've finally found it!! The softest buttery leather and just the right amount of structure to hold my computer and iPad. Slightly rugged yet classy and timeless, this is a bag I will likely carry forever.


The Dream - Downtown NYC

My hotel room from a recent trip to New York for the Gilt City sales meeting. It lived up to the name. Comfiest bed ever.


Do you remember when you first began to wish for privacy? Such a tender precious age.

Metallic on my mind

Yeah, I admit it - I've been known a time or two to peek at the girls section. So what? Don't judge me. And, plus if I didn't steal a glimpse, I would miss out on gems like this. How much do you love this bag? Pretty kick ass if you ask me. I bet Suri already has it.

J.Crew Janey Metallic Flat. Adore!

And, these have just moved to #1 on my wish list. J.Crew Viv Metallic Flats. I know it's weird that it's all J.Crew, but this is what happens when I get the new catalog. Want want want. They really get it right.


Summer Girlfriends Record Release!

.....was awesome. Best girl band in Chicago hands down. If you haven't seen them - go. 

Jane and I Do Division!

Mannequin Men played Do Division this year and it was super fun!! Obviously I had to take Jane to see her dad play since it was outside. Look at that smile!! Super fun day and she was wiped! My girl.

Impromptu Photobooth!

So, I need more nights like this in my life. Our friends had just moved into a really cool new place that resembled a cabin somewhere else - anywhere else besides the city. It certainly didn't feel like we were on Western Ave. Our friend, John Sturdy, who just happens to be an amazing photographer set up a photobooth corner with immaculate lighting and let us get behind and in front of the camera. The rest was history. Good friends, good times. XO

Cheers to a New Chapter

Welcome to Gilt City flowers from my new boss!

The Ace Hotel NYC - Gilt City new hire training



Every so often, I need a dose of the West Coast. This was May I think. Sipping on sangria, shopping, Malibu, and a little too close to bringing home puppies from an adoption event! 

holy hiatus I am BACK!

Hi hi hi!
Sorry for the hiatus. Did anyone missed me??? I certainly missed Scout and Lo. Due to a new super awesome job as an Associate Curator at Gilt City (!) and a few summer trips, it was imperative that I take a little breather to gain insight and inspiration again. Before I jump right back into my current obsessions and inspirations, don't you wonder what I've been up to? :) My next few posts will get you up to speed. XOXO