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this may just be the perfect carry-all bag for summer... The Leather Caravan Bag from Madewell


Lately the days have felt like summer and all I want to do is close my eyes and lay in a hammock such as this. The last time I can recall lying in a hammock was a couple of years ago alongside my man in front of our hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My it's been too long.. I wanted to make this dream a reality by hanging said hammock in the bedroom bay window, but we feared the ceiling may cave in. In our next place we will have a yard complete with a hammock. Until then, I will daydream about this one. However, if YOU have the perfect place for a lovely and dreamy hammock, check out this charming shop. The hammocks are all hand woven in Nicaragua and the prices are amazing.


a little rough around the edges...

I've never been the kind of girl that is manicured and groomed with every hair in place and makeup that looks as if it's been airbrushed. I'm pretty much always in need of a mani/pedi, bedhead hair just "perfectly" disheveled and overall style slightly haphazard. And I'm totally okay with that. These rough diamonds by Specimental feel appropriate.

ombre - not just for hair...

My friend Sara Bassick let me know about these rad ombre tights by BZR on Etsy

collar tips

collar tips by litter


wish list

You've made the perfect drink, now add the  "perfect cube" Love these Tovolo Perfect Cube ice cube trays from Sur La Table

 Because Anthro intimates are always a favorite.

Laura Lombardi Nebra Necklace

neon pink geo earrings by amerrymishap


Tibi Cameo Jumpsuit

I love Tibi and I love this wide leg silk Cameo Jumpsuit big time. Like I would wear it every day if I owned it.  Unfortunately it is one of those things I can glance at and know that it would never fit my petite frame :( So, I just lust after it. It also doesn't hurt that the model is insanely gorgeous.

marianne faithful




Gem Mirror west elm

Mannequin Men on Daytrotter!

Listen Here. Still Hard Up, But Honeyed.

spring has sprung: Foxglove for Frei Designs

Foxglove is the new girl in town if you didn't already know. I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous Foxglove bouquet for Valentines day and it did not disappoint. And, now she is really showing off her talent with these flower crown head pieces for Frei Designs. I am so awe struck by the beauty of the flower crown I may just begin wearing floral headdresses and arrangements on my head this summer. New trend? Also beautiful for the high fashion hippie bride. Love love love. Amazing job C.


for the bay

What a perfect pair. Please go on sale. Since we moved into our apartment in August, I've worked really hard to make it a home. I truly believe that physical surroundings influence spiritual happiness. Or maybe I just like pretty things. Either way, the list of projects is finally getting shorter and this is the next on on my list. We have a beautiful bay window in our bedroom and I want to create a cozy little reading nook. I imagine myself lounging and reading and sipping mimosas here all summer long. 
Found battani pouf via West Elm and Leather butterfly chair via UO

J.Crew Jules Ashbury Dress

I bought this dress about a month or so ago and totally forgot to show you guys. The in-your-face floral and mod shift shape kind of makes me feel like a modern Brady. I think I'll have it hemmed to show more leg - the length is just a tad modest for me. A girl can never have too many dresses, and it looks like my girl Drew approves of this one too.
image via fabsugar



Knock Offs

Hmmm is GAP trying to knock off the Isabel Marant fringe boots? I'm not complaining, but maybe they should have tried harder. Can someone please create something under two hundo without compromising the design? I suppose nothing can compare to the Isabel Marant suede fringe boots. They are such a dream.

POC = Pop of Color

Pamela Love SS '12

Lapis and Red Jasper inlaid in mountains of silver and bronze triangles. Pamela Love never disappoints. Get it while it's hot ladies.


Kiss and Make Up?

So, it's no news that I'm a T. Swift super fan. Who can resist? Taylor models a Kanye West shirt for the newest issue of Harpers Bazaar. So, is all forgiven? Interesting. Check out R29 for the full story.

bummertown. sometimes we just need a moment for ourselves and for no one else.

new chairs

I've had my eye on the Tobias chairs from Ikea for awhile now so Kev and I finally made the trek. Ikea is usually pretty painful, especially on a Saturday - so we treated ourselves to a quick thrifting trip after the madness. The clothing sucked but we hit the jackpot on totally weird and special mugs. Worth it.