Rest in Peace Davy Jones.

Rest in Peace Davy Jones. You were my favorite Monkee. Always a smile on your face, what a spirit you had. You will be missed by so many. The memories you gave us through music and melodies of your songs will always live on in our hearts. The Monkees were one of my earliest music memories - my brothers very first record. I must have only been three or four... We used to put on the record and run around the room singing and dancing like crazy. One of my favorite memories ever with my brother.

The Monkees - I'm a Believer


Jenny Parry Bona Drag Shoot. Stunningly beautiful and so very cool.

Jenny Parry wearing the Sway leather jackets and ManiaMania jewelry, shot by her husband Jason Lee Parry. How very L.A. :)
images via bonadragboutique



Cities In Dust - the ITZA.

Sneak preview of new Cities In Dust ring, the Itza!! If you’re interested in this piece, please email meghan.citiesindust@gmail.com. I am psyched about this one.

SHIKAMA Spring 2012

Preview of SHIKAMA jewelry Spring Summer 2012. Inspired by the art of Japanese bondage, Shibari translates into the beauty of tight binding. Get yours here

for sale > SOLD

Just in case these vintage gold metallic cowboy boots have been missing from your life/wardrobe, they are for sale HERE. The etsy store is pretty sparse right now, but I have lots of treasures I'm planning to post this weekend so please check back soon!

These Jill Sander Navy shoes are (for lack of a better word) the BOMB.

available at Solestruck

DVF for Gap Kids March 15

 images via racked.com
I can't say I'm not interested in checking it out. However, I am becoming more and more hesitant toward all of the designer collaborations. I was certainly turned off by Missoni for Target and burned by Jason Wu for Target. But, I keep going back. What can I say? The price is right. What I do know is: It's going to be fun watching all the adult fashionistas trying to squeeze themselves into the Diane von Furstenberg collection for Gap Kids. The designer states that fashion is empowerment and that "To empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become."


Much love to the Shakuhachi

Dig this suit, but it just feels wayyy to early to even think about purchasing a swimsuit if you live in Chicago. The bustier top plus the stripes and high waist is a winning combo.

in case you missed it.....

 I was featured on Chicago Street Style a couple of days ago. Amy and I had lunch at Fred's last week and discussed fashion, blogger drama, and when to play the southern card (because we are both southern girls). Good times. She is truly amazing at what she does and I am such a huge fan of her blog that of course I was stoked when she wanted to take my photo for Chicago Street Style. Even though I was having a bad bangs day (hence the hat), I was wearing my new ASH wedge sneaker shoes. Perfect timing. Amy is the best and I can't wait to see all of the amazing pictures she snaps at NYFW!!!



For an extraordinary and unique floral arrangement for your lady love, call Foxglove. foxglove facebook


Summer Girlfriends at Cole's Tonight!!!

Come out tonight for Summer Girlfriends/ Blasted Diplomats/ Pamphleteers @ Cole's Bar! 2338 N Milwaukee Ave

Thursday. All about ASH.

We walk a lot here in Chicago so I'm constantly looking for a marraige of comfort and style in a shoe. Naturally I fell in love with these ASH wedge sneakers that kind of favor the Isabel Marant "IT" sneaker. Plus, I can always use a couple extra inches. These are slightly unexpected, but for some reason I fell hard.
Photo credit - Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style