My Mom

My mother never seemed to care too much about style, but nonetheless she just had it. She embodied a natural and effortless bohemian kind of beauty. I mean, MY WORD look at her hair! You should have seen her twirling the baton in her majorette uniform. (Note to self: find that photo). My mother taught me to take pride in my appearance and always highlight natural beauty. Discouraging tanning and highlights; encouraging thick brows and long hair. Wash your face every night and wear moisturizer and eye cream... She believes in the fountain of youth. And at 52 years old and hardly a wrinkle in sight and a head full of shiny black hair that has never been dyed, I'm pretty sure she knows the secret. My mom taught me the importance of being true to myself. And that real beauty comes from within. 


  1. Beautiful Mom, Beautiful post, Beautiful you! Hope you're well lovely.

  2. yay! moms rule! and now i know where you get all that beauty from, inside and out... xoxo.

  3. thank you for such kind words! made my day :) xoxo