Prasino. Eat Green.

Move over bacon. Being a pescatarian, I'm so over this full on meat trend that's hit the restaurant circuit in Chicago. Prasino recently opened and I can't wait to try it! Prasino is a family owned eco-friendly restaurant that is committed to promoting organic agriculture and supporting local growers and artisanal food producers whenever possible. There is truly something for everyone on the menu whether you are a carnivore, herbivore or whatever. I have been waiting for a restaurant like this in Chicago. I'm quite hungry right now actually and looking at this delectable menu is torture. Yummm. http://www.prasino.com/menu.html

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  1. I've been to the one in LaGrange a million times. My mom lives right there, and I'm SO excited there is one downtown now. It is DELICIOUS!!!! I'm a picky eater, and there is not 1 thing on the menu that I have ever not liked. Run, don't walk. :)